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You can literally control your home with your voice now!
You can literally control your home with your voice now!

Eufy, Anker’s smart home-focused brand, has always been dedicated to designing smart and practical home innovations accessible to everyone. Coinciding with our recent brand upgrade to Eufy 2.0, we’ve really upped the ante.

Introducing Eufy Genie, the most affordable smart speaker with Amazon Alexa built-in. And it’s now 40%cheaper than Amazon Echo Dot! It would be faster to list what it doesn’t do, but we’re so excited that we’ll run you through some of the things Genie does do!

Genie is built with Amazon Alexa, which means you’ll have access to an ever-growing library of skills—currently 10,000+ life-enhancing functions. Because Genie is powered by Alexa, all Alexa-compatible devices (sold separately) work seamlessly with Genie, even non-Eufy ones. And the icing on the cake: everything is voice controlled. You won’t even need to touch your smartphone at home anymore.